Development Program Boxing


As we are currently living in age of information, and social media seems to be the only
option for outlet for youth. So, I seem that youth of today spend more and more of
their time living sedentary lives staring at a screen. This despite studies suggesting that
young people should spend at least half an hour each day being active. Boxing can be
an excellent way for your kids to stay active and give them something productive to do
after or during school. Even at this young age studies have shown that stress levels
have rose within our youth and boxing is a perfectly controlled way as an outlet for
them. Here are some key benefits below.
Setting achievable Goals
Kids learn how to set goals for themselves when they box. Our trainers may push,
encourage and motivate them to achieve small tasks decrease their running lap times
or increase their strength. It is accomplishing small goals for them that can make kids
feel great. In this sport, kids are shown how to overcome challenges. All progress is
noted and rewarded with recognition, and your kids do not have to win a tournament to
feel good about achieving goals.
Boxing requires an intense level of focus that ensues kids to concentrate at a more
physical manor to improve cognitive and motor skills to help in their future. It is

physically demanding, but also tests kids’ mental strength. This can improve your kids’
attention in the classroom to a level that may improve success within the classroom.
All though our trainers do not condone any violence outside these classes and kids are
greatly advised throughout. Techniques like hooks, uppercuts, and jabs can help if your
children ever get into a situation where it is required for them to defend themselves.
We aim to bully proof children, not turn them into bullies. Our Boxing teaches kids
proper techniques that improve footwork and increase awareness and speed. Trainers
always ensure kids understand the competitive nature of boxing and only encourage
them to only use their skills inside the ring.
Instill Respect
Boxing teaches children to respect authority and their peers. Trainers always teach self-
respect and encourage kids to hold their head high in time of failure or success. Good
sportsmanship and team building is instilled early on and is a valuable lesson for kids to
learn throughout their life. Boxers understand the importance of winning and losing
Build Confidence
Encouraging young people and constantly providing positive affirmations helps them
develop better self-esteem. Telling children, you believe in their abilities sets them up
for success. Praising failure or success helps them stay motivated and builds character
knowing they can persevere through tough situations.
Social Development
While boxing is an individual sport, it still gives kids the chance to meet other kids.
Working with kids that have different personalities, different backgrounds and cherish
memorable moments, all while doing sometime super productive. Provides team

building exercises for any class, years or whole schools which will promote a healthy
social development at an early onset.
One of the most important lessons kids learn from boxing is discipline. This sport
demands mental and physical strength. Kids overcome challenges that strengthen their
character. They learn how to follow the rules and respect others. Boxing changes a kid’s
behavior for the better while improving their inner mental focus.
Boxing sharpens kids’ problem-solving skills and teaches them about health and fitness.
They will learn to appreciate the importance of a health and fitness and start to use
basic forms of it at an early onset as they notice their performance improves. Trainers
teach proper form, which prevents injuries and young people remember these tools
throughout their lives.

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Amanda Cairney-Price
Upperhand sports Director