About Us

Upperhand Sports


Your new Sports, combat and apparel designed by fighters for fighters with one thing in mind and that’s to help achieve all goals for our users. Going hand in hand with our motto “To the Victor comes the Spoils” to prepare our users by sending them down their path of greatness. Good, solid sustainable equipment is hard to come by in this age of fake plastic products. With our combat gear has been designed around being hard wearing to take the punishment you throw at it round after round after round. Not only designed by fighters but also tested by fighters to really gauge what works for our customers on an advanced playing field with other high end brands without the price tag. 
We’re bringing old school back! with no flashy designs, (Unless you want them ;p) no tassels or bejewelled numbers that this day and age is bringing, Just simple, strong, cast iron style equipment and gear that performs punch for punch, round for round or WOD for WOD with any flashy overpriced kit on the market. Let us forge your steel, sharpen our tools and take you to the next level and take the Victory and all its Spoils with the tried and tested gear that Upperhand Sports has to offer! 
Upperhand sports is much more than combat gear for our fighters and foes, but also in the business of sports apparel and active wear for training to the street to show friend or foe that you and upper hand are serious about what you do ! Whether a Fan, hobbyist, up and comer or professional, Upperhand Sports apparel can supply for you. We and our next level design team can customize any gear for you or your team. Tell us how you want it!
I can go on telling you how Upperhand Sports is better than our competitors, but all you need is to know that before we sell our product we insure to get its backing and satisfaction from our testers who not only train on a daily basis but also compete and is guaranteed by them before we even attempt to sell to a fools market. What we want is our customers to purchase with complete comfort with what Upperhand Sports supplies, and if anything doesn’t feel right or have any concerns with our products we are all ears on the feedback, not like our leading counterparts thinking our just another dollar.
Let us give you the upper hand with….
To the Victor comes the Spoils!